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Just like how humans learn from experience- same for the AI/ML to learn from all the data provided and where do they get this data from?




Of course from their inputs just like human brain, which gets its input from eyes, ears etc. same for AI/ML to get its data from webcam, microphone etc.…

A Pre-created model is set on cloud projects which is highly appreciable and to create a great trained-model, a lot of data is required to be fed to ML which leads to large infrastructure requirements so using cloud for this is more recommended.

Amazon Web Services provides almost all the services required for the recent AI/ML demands of the world.

They are listed below:-

▪Amazon Rekognition (for fast and…

Somewhere around 1600 modules have to be migrated from CVS(Centralized version control systems) to GIT( distributed version system)……why are they doing so????

In simpler words-the engineering of git is far superior…

  1. In case of bigger teams , distributed system works better. You can run git in a centralized fashion (e.g. GitHub, Git Lab, Bit Bucket), but you don’t have to. In CVS, you’ve got to run with a centralized server otherwise you can’t share the repository at all.
  2. It is easy to create branches on GIT.
  3. GIT UI gives more clear picture of the repos. Git repository contents are essentially…

Every other tech giant has shifted from virtual machines to containers …..well what made them do so??

The answer is here…….

– Let’s see the difference in Containers and Virtual machines in points:

1.In case of virtual machines , the virtualization occurs in server hardware while in containerization the virtualization occurs in the operating system itself.

2.Containers abstract application from OS, while Virtual machines abstract OS from hardware.

3.In context with the guest environments, in containers guests share the same OS , kernel and sometimes BIN/libraries. For virtual machines each guest s has its own OS kernel and BIN/libraries.


  • Automation is the procedure to execute the tasks without manual interaction. Automation can be used in wide range of areas. We can even say this is just the beginning, in the future more things will be automated. Lets’ talk about automation used in provisioning , Configuration Management, application deployment etc.

-Scaling is the process of availing the infrastructure whenever required. This helps is maintaining the cost as well, as the unused instances are shutoff. Many tools are available for this ,Ansible Tower being one. Ansible Tower is basically a product used by organizations to scale.

-Ansible is the tool for…

The coffee giant is in many ways at the cutting edge of using big data and artificial intelligence to support guide promotions, sales and business decisions.

🎗Starbucks’ worldwide growth has been quick and strategic. As of June 2019, the company has more than 30,000 stores in 80 countries worldwide and is expected to sustain a strong momentum for expansion. It is also one of the region’s largest employers of technology……..

🎗Although its quality is unquestionable, its price has always been higher than those provided in different countries by domestic coffee houses.
During the economic slowdown of 2008, this was one of…

Whether we are building an application or running complex infrastructure for a large corporation, we’ll eventually encounter tasks that need to be successfully repeated again and again. Many Linux/Unix admins had to turn to different tools to automate their configurations (Puppet, Chef, etc), still different tools to deploy their software (Fabric, Capistrano, etc), and yet other tools to run one-off tasks (Func, mcollective, etc) on all of their different machines. Further, nobody really seemed to handle multi-node deployment very well, and in the age of cloud and large web infrastructures, that’s one of the most interesting problems to solve.


Babli Sahu

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