Just like how humans learn from experience- same for the AI/ML to learn from all the data provided and where do they get this data from?




Of course from their inputs just like human brain, which gets its input from eyes, ears etc. same for AI/ML to get its data from webcam, microphone etc.…

A Pre-created model is set on cloud projects which is highly appreciable and to create a great trained-model, a lot of data is required to be fed to ML which leads to large infrastructure requirements so using cloud for this is more recommended.

Amazon Web Services provides almost all the services required for the recent AI/ML demands of the world.

They are listed below:-

▪Amazon Rekognition (for fast and accurate face search)

▪ Amazon Polly (to turn text into lifelike speech)

▪Amazon Lex (to create chatbots)

▪ Amazon Fraud Detector (for fraud detection can used to detect fraud in online payment transaction, account registration, authentication etc.)

▪ Amazon Forcast (for highly accurate forecasts)

▪Amazon Personalize (for recommendations)

▪ Amazon Kendra (search service)

▪ Amazon Translate(translation service)

▪Amazon Transcribe (to convert speech to text quickly and accurately)

▪ Amazon Code Guru ( to improve your code quality)

▪ Amazon Comprehend (to comprehend the actual meaning like grammar, feelings etc. in the human typed sentences )

▪Amazon Textract (to extract texts, data etc. from the scanned documents)

They all are so easy to use and come along with their confident score!

You will be needing the boto3 library and OpenCV-python library to help AWS contact the python and to help connecting the webcam with python respectively…………

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